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About Us

About Us

We are a Mid West based company that is built by automobile enthusiasts who want to help you find the best Car, Truck, or SUV that fits your budget and your needs.  We want to reduce the amount of excess time you spend walking around at dealerships so that you can be more productive with your day and be able to spend more time with your family.  Since we are automobile enthusiasts, we believe that we better understand the needs and desires of the automobile shopper.

Automobiles bring us joy and we have created this site to help the customer find the best Car, Truck or SUV that fits their needs and their budget.  We have a large dealership base and we continue to grow each week and month with new inventory.  We have been experienced with automobiles for over forty years and we want to share that knowledge with you.  This online extension of our company might be new, but we intend to become much larger month to month and year to year.

About Us

Our site is set up so that when you find that special Car, Truck, or SUV that comes in a certain trim level or a price, we display similar models, when they are available, with the same trim levels beneath the one that you have selected to view.  This gives you the advantage to comparison shop for basically the same vehicle, but perhaps in a different color, or with slightly different extra cost options.  Perhaps you will find one closer to you.  Some of the comparison models might be a few miles further away from where you originally intended to shop.  We have found out over the years, that many customers don’t mind driving some extra miles to get that perfect Car, Truck, or SUV that they intend to use and keep as a member of their family for many years to come.

Our inventory is updated each night to assure that you are seeing the most current inventory list possible.  Our initial dealerships are located in the upper mid-west and we are currently planning for greater expansion.

We wish you success in finding that perfect Car, Truck, or SUV and we hope that it brings you the same joy that we have been experiencing with automobiles for the past five decades.


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