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2019 Toyota Corolla Detroit

2019 Toyota Corolla Detroit.

Great selection of 2019 Toyota Corolla Detroit models for sale at our dealerships in the greater Detroit Michigan area.

Corolla Hatchback’s seamless unification of comfort and sporty controllability begins at its TNGA C platform. The compact structure employs a mixture of adhesives, spot welding, and additional bracing – top to bottom, side to side – for the benefits of driver controllability and low fuel consumption. On-road feel and fuel efficiency is further refined through the extensive use of aluminum and high- and ultra-high tensile steel in the lighter-weight chassis and body. In fact, torsional rigidity is improved a massive 60 percent compared to its predecessor.

Affixed to this musculature are revised front and rear suspensions. Its front MacPherson strut setup’s geometry is changed (i.e. updated bound stopper clearance; stabilizer location) and incorporates other key augmentations like revised coil spring rate and damping force, and reduced friction in sliding parts. This all makes for a high-quality steering feel, ride comfort, and handling stability.

At the Corolla Hatchback’s rear multi-link suspension with stabilizer bar, responsiveness is sharpened through updated shock absorbers and springs, and like the front, geometry is slightly modified. Lower arm locations have moved (for improved toe-in angle during higher-speed maneuvering), as has shock absorber placement (moved forward for better cargo capacity and reduced longitudinal low frequency input). Overall, front and rear suspension friction has been reduced by 40 percent, and its center of gravity is cut by a substantial 0.8 inches.

The end result: A Corolla Hatchback that possesses an uncanny blend of balance, composure, and feel that’ll have its driver pining for windy roads – time and time again.

The 2019 Toyota Corolla SE and Corolla XSE receive LED headlamps and taillights, aluminum wheels, and a chrome rear diffuser. The Corolla XSE gets upgraded with 18 inch aluminum wheels, LED fog lights, chrome front grille surround, and an extra cost Adaptive Front Lighting System.  This lighting system is only available on the XSE.  It shines the light in the direction that coincides with where the front tires are pointed and the speed of the Corolla.  The Bi-Beam LED lights move up and down, and back and forth, to give you the best light projection possible.

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